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Why you need an expert to install glass in your home or business!

Glass surrounds our lives at home, work and just about everywhere! It keeps the weather out, lets the light in and can connect us to the outside.

It is no wonder glass has become not just a necessity in some situations but also a lifestyle or beauty choice. Modern life has taken our living standards to a whole new level and we love to create beautiful living and work spaces – glass plays a big role in achieving the look and feel of a modern life.

That is probably why the population of glaziers in Australia has grown to over 11,000. Glazing is a specialised area, they study to become a Certified Glazier and hold a Certificate III in Glass and Glazing. After a period of 10 years as a Certified Glazier they can undertake further study to become a Master Glazier.

It is easy to see that experience and knowledge play a key role when working with glass. Like any trade it is dependent on your personal area of interest which direction you take because the role of a glazier is varied.

They can install glass in windows, skylights, storefronts, display cases to create distinctive designs or reduce the need for artificial lighting, or they may decide to work specifically with glass in motor vehicles or safety glass that is used in aircraft. Others repair old antique windows and doors that need glass replacing.

As in many other construction trades, the work is physically demanding. Glaziers risk cuts from tools and glass, and falls from ladders and scaffolding.

It is easy to see that when it comes to installing glass, especially around the home or in your business – safety and correct installation should be front of mind.

Deciding to use glass as either an ambient feature or a practical solution requires some input from an expert. You need to know you are using the right glass, accessories suited to the situation and that your family, public and staff are safe.

If, after weighing up the considerations of costs vs risk and getting the right information, you decide to instal the glass yourself, it is still always wise to get as much advice as possible from an expert.

You need to find a glass supplier who has the experience and technical knowledge to provide you with the right advice. They can recommend the right glass, accessories and may even have DYI instructions that you can follow for your particular job. They will definitely be able to recommend a glazier for your job!

The quality finish of your glass feature in your home or business is reliant on both quality products, accessories, installation by an expert or detailed DYI instructions and some practical experience.

It really comes down to personal choice but it is comforting to know that there is a glazier close by who has the experience, knowledge and contacts to provide you with a competitive price to have the job done professionally.

The end result should be a safe, comfortable environment that does not cause you any concern.

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