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If you need quality glass products, tools & consumables don’t let your location get in the way of accessing global brands at competitive prices

Save time & money & keep your clients happy

Do you find it hard to balance quality with cost for your customers?
Is it hard to find the supplies you need locally?
Would you like the convenience of purchasing online?

Running a business that relies on customer satisfaction can sometimes be frustrating. The glass and glazing business is a very specialised area and you need a supplier who understands what you need and backs it up with quality products and superior customer service.

Time wasted searching for the right supplies at the right price to make you competitive could be time spent meeting more prospective customers for your business.

Like anyone working in construction a day in the life of a glazier or glass Installer can be physical and demanding. Installing, repairing or replacing glass in commercial, industrial or residential buildings or in automobiles. After a day of cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling glass – keeping your client happy – either a construction manager, home owner or business owner it all takes time and energy.

What that means is that managing your supply chain needs to be easy, you don’t want to be wasting time trying to source the supplies you need – you don’t have the time or the energy. Worrying about getting the best quality products and the most competitive price to give you that edge when quoting for jobs can keep you awake at night. Your reputation is reliant on your customer’s satisfaction with your work.

You are not to blame, being a specialised service you may not have easy access to the tools and equipment you need – you sometimes need someone who understands glass the way you do, someone who knows what you want and what you need to remain competitive.

If you break it down, there are some key essentials when purchasing glazing products…

  1. Quality product & tools
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Ease of purchase – in store, by phone or online
  4. Superior customer service
  5. Expert advice and knowledge
  6. After sales service and support
  7. Meeting client deadlines

There is a solution that can help you have easy access to all those essentials to keep your business running smoothly and keeping ahead of the competition.

We are a company who loves glass as much as you do, specialising in glass products, consumables, tools and equipment with a huge range of products to suit every type of job. We have built our business around making your life easy by:

  • Providing the option to purchase in store, over the phone or online
  • Stocking global brands that deliver quality finishes
  • Understanding the importance of price point for your customers
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Sharing their knowledge & experience

You can stop worrying about shopping around, the quality of your materials, remaining competitive in the market! You can just focus on doing the job, building your reputation as a quality Glazier and being successful.

Purchasing online or over the phone is not only convenient but you receive all the same benefits of purchasing in store. You are guaranteed superior customer service, quality brands, competitive pricing and access to an experienced team.

If you open an account you immediately UNLOCK A 10% DISCOUNT on your purchase either in store or online.


You can enjoy the convenience of choosing which way you shop, regardless of where you are located and take advantage of the benefits by talking to an expert who understands you want range, quality and competitive pricing. Just open an account to immediately use your 10% DISCOUNT.

If range of products and tools, quality, customer service, experience and knowledge will make your life easier you can start enjoying the benefits immediately as well as receiving a 10% DISCOUNT on your first purchase.