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Sikasil 702

Sika & Silicone Sealants

Prosil 41LM 600ml

Silicone Sealants & Weatherproofing


SG20-S 600ml

Glazing / Cladding & Sika

Sikaflex sg20 s box

Sikasil SG-20s is ideal for structural glazing and other bonding...

sikahyflex ap

SikaHyflex 305 AP is designed for weather proofing and sealing...


The 10″ Pump-Action Vacuum Lifter is designed to make the...

sd tek

Tek Screws have a hardened extra long self drilling point...

They cut almost anything: Wire, aluminum, sheet metal, leather, carpet,...

Spatula set caulking knives

Tools & Consumables


40mm, 35mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 12.5mm, 10mm

Paper towel

Fast absorption and versatility, and is a perfect fit for...


Square open cell backing rod is a compressible, cylindrical polyurethane...

grout ap

SikaGrout GP is a pump-able, shrinkage-compensated, flow-able cementitious "Class A"...

Firestop 700

Silicone Sealants

Dowsil Firestop Cartridge incl brandw

A fire rated one-part, neutral curing silicone sealant that offers...


These Single sided glass trolleys are ideal for moving small...

Tesa ACX Tape

Tesa ACX is a high performing acrylic core tape for...

Gold Braided Wire x 30m

Tools & Consumables


Stainless Steel Triple Strand Braided Cut-Out Wire is made of...


Titanium Nitride coating reduces heat and increases lubricity for extended...

Mixed Horseshoe Packers

Horseshoe Packers

Packers e scaled

Use in the installation of windows, doors, curtain walls, storefronts...

Heavy Duty Hackout tool

Tools & Consumables


Heavy duty hackout tool, for hacking out old putty from...

Hook Tool

Tools & Consumables


A popular tool for working with gasket set glass. Most...

Rotary Caulking Gun

Silicone Guns


Premium quality high thrust leverage caulk guns for dispensing thick...

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